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    Saturday morning 'Drop-In'
    is taking place
    in the Village Hall Cafe
    during our building work.



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    Our building enhancement project is moving on apace...

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    Please join us for worship . . .


    Sunday 4 September
    10.00am: United Service at St Mary's Church of England, Boston Spa led by Revd Steve Jakeman
    This is  a special service with a 'Jazz' theme and the Cincinnati Jazz Band  will be performing

    6.00pm: United Service with Holy Communion at Wetherby Methodist Church led by Revd Steve Jakeman

    Sunday 11 September
    10.30am: Morning Worship with Holy Communion in the Lantern Room, Village Hall, led by Revd Dr Colin Cheesman

    Please check the weekly notices, (on the link below)
    which will list the location of all activities
    whilst our building work is taking place.


    This week's notices


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    Overcoming Temptation (4)

    Let’s look at the first time in Scripture anyone was tempted and see what we can learn. The Bible says, ‘The serpent was the shrewdest of all the [creatures] the LORD God had made … he asked the...

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