Friday, 10th November, 2017






Friday, 10th November,2017


Richard Hinsley-pianist and composer


Richard comes from Nottingham and began to be classically trained as a pianist from the age of seven.

He currently plays the guitar in a local jazz ensemble and has played in pop and jazz bands over the years.

He has provided music for library music CDs and has had his music used in media outlets around the world, most notably being used in BBC 2’s Ray Mears’ Wild Food.

In 2014, he recorded his debut album of solo piano work, ‘A Dance at Twighlight’ and since then he has also been admitted as an artist on the rosta of composers for the US based Whisperings solo piano radio transmission , with music for the station being drawn from over 270 artists worldwide-

Three tracks from ‘A Dance at Twighlight’have been added to the current playlist (  streamable from ). He has recently been recording his follow-up album ’Stain on Sunset’.


When Richard is not composing or playing piano , he is the boss of the family building firm.

“Building is a creative process and so is music. So for me, there’s not as much difference as you might think."

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