Friday, May 11th, 2018


Friday May 11th - 1pm
preceded by 'Concert Lunches' at 12 noon







Formerly a Chartered Civil Engineer, JOHN WALLIS is now fulfilling an ambition  -  as a speaker and entertainer with a difference.

Using his extensive knowledge of the history of Music Hall and Variety (incorporating the history of humour) he initially developed a series of talks, all illustrated by performing songs and humour from the whole era, to his own banjo, ukulele and mandola  accompaniment.

This also led to requests for him to “entertain only” at a wide range of functions, where the organisation prefers an entertainer to a speaker

He has uncovered an enthralling story - about the artistes, the music and particularly the humour. He personalises his programmes, blending chat, song and comedy according to the host organisation’s requirements. They are eminently suitable for male only, female only or mixed functions ranging from small meetings to after- dinners.

He appeared in “The Good Old Days” at Leeds City Varieties in March 2014



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