Friday, 13th October 2017

Friday, 13th October 2017

Dappers Delight - Concertina and Recorder

Dapper's Delight was formed in 2009 primarily to play music on the streets during the couple’s long annual cycle touring holidays. Following highly positive reactions from listeners, they decided to expand the concept into the concert hall. The chosen repertoire explores historical popular music, which once straddled the modern classifications of “folk” and “early music” and forms an important part of the texture of western music history. With their unusual and somewhat anachronistic instrumentation, the approach has found friends and admirers from both the folk and early-music worlds.

The name "Dapper's Delight" is a reference to the Dutch humanist and armchair explorer Olfert Dapper (ca. 1635 - 1689) who despite never having travelled outside Holland published several geographical tomes, amongst which Description of Africa (1668) is still a key text for Africanists. A famous Amsterdam street market is named after him and it was here that the duo first performed in 2009.

The CD, Indoors, was released in 2011 followed by their second, Disguisings in 2015. The duo has played concerts in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium,  Germany, Norway, USA and Portugal. 

Website: Dapper's Delight | concertina and recorder


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