Friday 13th March 2020




These musicians got to know one another through playing in the York Light Orchestra  

Kate Galloway had the idea to form a small group to better focus their love of all things Baroque.

They mainly play Baroque music with occasional other pieces they think will fit well.

From time to time they include other players, for example on the violin,

according to availablity and the needs of the piece Sometimes they work as a trio.


Katherine Galloway B.Sc(Hons), ATCL


From an early age Katherine has enjoyed playing the piano and several woodwind instruments.  She has specialised in playing the piano,flute and bassoon and now teaches the piano privately and accompanies exam pupils and soloists in concerts.

Her love of music has extended to singing in choirs and composing music.  Katherine is a church organist and plays the bassoon in several orchestras and in the Northallerton Woodwind Ensemble.  She was a member of the Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra and the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra.  With the York Concert Band she has given several concerts in Italy.

Katherine is a qualified nursery nurse and was for several years a peripatetic music teacher for North Yorkshire County Music Services and also taught music at the York Performing Arts Centre.

Her interest in baroque music led her to form the Elmet Ensemble.



Melanie Dvorak

Melanie Dvořák

Melanie has been playing the flute since childhood, after hearing a flute piece on the radio which, quite literally, took her breath away – the Minuet and Badinerie from Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor. She first studied with Chris Charlesworth and then later under Ian McGee.  As well as school orchestras and concert bands, Melanie enjoyed playing with the Harlow Youth Orchestra in her teens, on both flute and piccolo.

Following a break of some years, Melanie returned to playing the flute, successfully taking her ABRSM Diploma in Music Performance in 2016.

Melanie’s main interests lie in the Baroque period for its energy and vibrancy.  She continues to study the Baroque flute under Dr Sarah McNulty, and has a keen interest in the mechanical development of the flute from the Baroque to the present day.

Melanie currently plays with the York Light Orchestra as well as The Elmet Ensemble.  She undertakes various professional engagements, including Beauty and the Beast.

Michelle Lindsay  

Michelle initially learned the cello as a child in London, where she studied with Chris Green and at the Harrow School of Young Musicians, where she also played the double bass. She rediscovered her love of the cello and returned to playing when she joined  the Cobweb Orchestra in 2013. Since then she has played as often as family and work commitments allow. 

Michelle loves playing a wide range of classical music from Baroque to 20th century romantic and beyond. A true amateur in the original sense of the word, she enjoys nothing better than exploring and playing music with others; from impromptu duets or quartets with friends, string and chamber orchestras, to the huge symphonies of Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Mahler. She has also gained much inspiration in recent years from taking part in workshops by Robin Michael, Jonathan Bloxham and Zoe Martlew.

In addition to playing in the Elmet Ensemble, Michelle leads the cello section of the York Cobweb Orchestra. She also regularly plays concerts, including as principal cellist, with the Cobweb Chamber Orchestra and the York Light Orchestra.